Adding a New Driver or Employee

To add a new employee, first go to the “Team” page. There are 3 sub pages that will pop down. Choose the “Add/Edit” page. In the upper right corner there is a button labeled “Add new driver”. Click this button to add any new employee (this can be drivers, managers, dispatchers etc). A window will […]

Google Calendar Syncing

Book Rides Online provides an easy way for you to view your reservation calendar on all your favorite devices and 3rd Party software. If the program you use allows you to subscribe to an “internet calendar”, then you can easily sync your device with your calendar. For the purposes of this how to, we’ll show […]

Editing Client Information & Billing

To edit an existing client’s contact and billing information, first go to the “Clients” page. You will see two tabs; one for individual clients and one for corporate clients. Find the client you need to edit. To the right of their name you’ll see the option to make them a VIP, see if they have […]

Adding New Clients

There are two ways to set up a new client into your client database. Book Rides Online will automatically create a client profile for any new names that are entered into a reservation. It will use the name and information that you enter to create a new profile for that client. If either the pick […]

Email History

By going to the “Email” page, you can view your email history. From here you can narrow your search by choosing the dates that you need and by using the search bar in the upper right corner to look for a specific client, email or any of the other visible fields that you can see […]

Sending Customer Emails

Book Rides Online allows you to send your customers four different types of emails : Quote, Confirmation, Deposit Receipt and Balance Receipt. To send an email, first go into the reservation that you need to send an email quote, confirmation or receipt for. Located on the right side of the reservation you will see the […]

Dispatching Reservations

First and foremost, please note that a reservation must be saved¬†before you can dispatch it. In order to dispatch a reservation to a driver, you must first assign a driver and specific vehicle to your reservation. You can assign a driver and specific vehicle from within a reservation. Open up the reservation and scroll down […]

Reservation Audit Trails

For each reservation, you can see a basic audit trail at any time after it’s created. You can reach a reservation’s audit trail in two ways. First, you can pull up an audit trail from the main reservation page. Check the box next to the reservation you are looking at and push the audit trail […]

Digital Run Logs

Book Rides Online allows drivers to digitally time stamp their run logs for each reservation. If a driver is using the Driver App or running through their trip through mobile, they will be asked to push a button that will time stamp when they are at the following points in their trip: Time out, Arrival […]

Printing Trip Sheets

To print a trip sheet for your driver or for your records first go to your main reservation page. You can print a trip sheet for a reservation or multiple reservations directly from the main reservation page in list view. Check the box or boxes of the reservations you need trip sheets for and press […]