Once a client has an “active” BRO account, they can log into their account via the website form on your website at any time to book future trips, see upcoming reservations, add/update payment information and many other features. Here’s a quick overview of the client portal and where clients can find each feature.

Logging In:

The client portal now lives directly on the website form. Clients can sign into their existing accounts by clicking the “Login” button in the top right corner of the website form:


Creating a New Trip:

Once a client has logged in, the form will still show the website form as it did before, but the client’s name and “Logout” will appear in the top right upper corner. Also, there will be a control panel shown in the top left corner.


To create a new request, clients simply fill out the website form shown above. If they are not currently on the website form page and need to navigate there, they can click on the “Menu” button in the top left corner and choose the option “Book A New Trip”.

Upcoming/Past Reservations:

By clicking the “Menu” button and choosing the option ” My Trips”, clients can view their past and upcoming reservations, as well as confirming reservations, paying for reservations, canceling reservations and printing off receipts. 


Client Contact Information:

Clients can edit and update their personal information by going to the page marked “Profile”. Name, email address and phone number are listed here. Clients can also change their password from this page. Please note: Changes made in their profile here will be reflected in the backend profiles for clients as well. 


Adding or Editing Payment Information:

Clients can add payment information or edit existing payment information by clicking on the “Payment Info” page. The changes made to this page will be reflected on the backend of the system. 




Have a corporate client? Here is a quick article about the extra features found in their client portals and how it functions.

Are you unsure of how to make your clients’ accounts “active”? See this FAQ about Client BRO Accounts.

Still have questions? Contact us at any time by emailing support@bookridesonline.com.