Creating Duplicate Reservations

If you have a client who you drive often and it’s always the same time and same place each time, we’ve created a faster way to input these reservations into the system. You can take the original reservation and make a “copy” or duplicate reservation. It will have the same details but allow you to […]

Creating a Return Trip

If you’ve input a reservation and need to input a return trip for that reservation, we’ve offered a way to streamline getting it into the system. Rather than creating a new reservation from scratch, there are two ways that you can create a return reservation from the original reservation. If you’re looking at the original […]

Reservation Statuses

Reservation statuses can be changed at any time to help you keep track of which reservations are requested, quoted, confirmed, scheduled, completed or cancelled. There are two places that you can change a reservation’s status. From the list view you can see the status listed in the furthest right column. If you’d like to change […]

Editing a Reservation

To edit an existing reservation, first go to your main reservation page. From the main reservation page you can make a few simple changes by using the red buttons at the top of your screen as shown below. From here you can delete a reservation, make a return trip, make a duplicate trip, print off […]

Creating a New Reservation

To add a new reservation from within the system, first go to the “Reservation” page. In the upper right corner, you’ll see a button that says “New Reservation”. Press this button to open up a new reservation window. The first section of information to input is the information about the reservation and how it directly […]

Viewing Reservations

Book Rides Online allows you to view your reservations in a list format and in a calendar format. To view your current and upcoming reservations, first go to the “Reservations” page. This is what we refer to as your “main reservation page”. When you open this page, you’ll see the reservations in their list format. […]

Live Flight Tracking

You can track the real-time flight status related to all your reservations right within Book Rides Online! To obtain access to our live flight status feature, you must have our BRO Plus or higher package. To use flight tracking, enter all flight information into a reservation and the flight status will appear in the list […]

Adding Inbound Lead Categories

Book Rides Online allows you to configure your own list of inbound leads that will generate in a drop down list on each reservation. This allows you to mark each of your reservations with an inbound lead (radio, TV, web, phone, referral, affiliate etc). To compile your list of inbound lead categories, first go to […]

Favorite Airlines

As you begin to use Book Rides Online, a “Favorite Airlines” list will begin to generate under the Company page. These are solely based off airlines that you have used in past reservations. Every time you use a new airline, it will be added to this list. Every airline that is in this list will […]

Maps Preferences

Book Rides Online is integrated with Google Maps. When reservations are being put in, our maps automatically pull up addresses for you to choose from. By default, we have limited your search abilities to within your country. But if you need to extend your address searches to outside of your country of residence, you will […]