Book Rides Online allows you to send your customers four different types of emails : Quote, Confirmation, Deposit Receipt and Balance Receipt.

To send an email, first go into the reservation that you need to send an email quote, confirmation or receipt for. Located on the right side of the reservation you will see the four email options. Please note: A reservation must be saved before any client emails can be sent.


Simply click the button for the email type you would like to send. A red ‘x’ will appear next to emails that have not been sent and green checks will appear next to emails that have been sent as you can see above.

Just below this section that allows you to send client emails, you can see a short summary of emails sent on the right side of the reservation. It will look like this:


If you’re interested in seeing a full summary of your email history with a particular client or a full email history for company, please see our tutorial on Email History.

If you provide your email address to us we can have these emails sent to your clients from your own email. Don’t know how to set it up? See our tutorial on Email Set Up.  If you don’t provide one we’ll send email from our account, but having your own email will help you brand your emails better.

All four of these email can also be customized in a limited capacity by allowing you to edit and add anything to the email footers. If you’d like to customize these emails, please see our tutorial on Customizing Emails.