Reservation statuses can be changed at any time to help you keep track of which reservations are requested, quoted, confirmed, scheduled, completed or cancelled. There are two places that you can change a reservation’s status.

From the list view you can see the status listed in the furthest right column. If you’d like to change the status from the list view, check the check box to the right of that reservation and choose one of the options in the control panel above. The four buttons pointed out below allow you to change your status to (from left to right) cancelled, scheduled, confirmed and completed.


You can also change a reservation’s status from within a reservation. Open up a reservation by clicking the red link to the left of a reservation labeled “View/Edit”.

At the top of the reservation, you’ll see a drop down menu with all of the status options.


Here you can see all of the different status options for a reservation.

There are a few statuses that will change automatically due to other actions taken. For instance, once you have assigned a driver and vehicle to a reservation, its status will change to “Scheduled”. If your drivers use the driver app or use their mobile device to time stamp their trips, when they return back from a trip and mark their trip complete, the reservation’s status will be marked “Complete”.

When you see a reservation marked “Requested”, that reservation has been input by a customer from your website form and has not been confirmed yet.

Reservation statuses can be used however best fits your company’s needs. If you have any further questions about reservation statuses, feel free to contact us at