Customers are sent four different types of emails: Quote, Confirmation, Receipt and Invoice. For each of these emails, we allow you to edit and personalize the footer to contain any information you may want to add. Some companies use this to turn Quote emails into contracts by adding a place to sign and date. Others use this to add a cleaning/vomit policy to the bottom. Still, others use this space just to thank the customer for their business. Whatever your needs may be, you can customize the footers to communicate anything that you’d like.

To customize each of these email footers, first go to the “Company” page. Next, choose the “Email” tab. Scroll down until you reach the “Customer Email Footers” section. You’ll see four text boxes corresponding with each type of customer email.


The bold text above each text box shows which Customer Email you are editing. When you’re finished customizing your footer, be sure to press save.

Customer Receipt and Invoice Emails allow you to edit the Title as well.


Be sure to press save for each email footer. Once you’ve pressed save, the new email footers will appear on your Customer Emails.