Book Rides Online allows you to integrate/link your merchant account into our system to allow for easy and hassle free collecting. Currently our system integrates with any merchant accounts who allow, braintree, stripe to be used as a “payment gateway”.

Don’t have a merchant account yet and don’t have time to look for one? If you’re a US client, give our merchant account partner North American Bancard a try!

To integrate your merchant account, first go to the “Revenue” page. There are five subpages listed under it. Choose the “Merchant Account” page.


Once you have set up a merchant account and obtained your payment gateway credentials, click on the button representing your payment gateway:, Braintree, or Stripe.

Each of the choices will ask you to fill in the credentials pertaining to your account (API keys etc).





Once you’ve filled in the information requested for your account, be sure to press save. You are now set up for merchant accounting with Book Rides Online.

If you do not currently have a merchant account and are interested in applying for one, click the button marked “North American Bancard” to start the application process. Pressing this button will lead you to this page:


Simply click the “Online Merchant Application Form” and you’re on your way to card transacting!