Book Rides Online offers a few types of emails that can be automatically sent. If you want certain emails to be sent automatically, you will need to change your settings. To set them up, first go to the “Company” page. Then select the “Email” tab. Scroll down to the second section labeled “Email Preferences” to find your settings.


Check the box corresponding to each automatic email option to enable them. Some of the email options will allow you to pick how far in advance they are sent. After you press save, your automatic emails will begin to send.

The bottom setting is in regards to customer emails. If the box is checked for this setting, links to the BRO passenger app (or your white label version if you have one) will appear at the bottom of customer emails (if they have an active account).

Want to make sure your emails are being sent to your customer from your business email address and not Book Rides Online? See our How-To Article on Email Set Up.