Understanding the Passenger Booking App

Book Rides Online released its Passenger Booking App on February 1, 2017. This app is available as a free version which is branded with the Book Rides Online name and logo. It is also available to be released as a white label version with your company name and logo on it. Additional charges apply for […]

Passenger App – On Demand Options

By customizing some of your settings, you will be able to offer your customers on-demand type services. You will be able to allow customers to request trips at the present time. In order to do this, you’ll need to change your Website Form settings to 0 hours advanced notice for reservation requests. To see where […]

Passenger App – Find My Location

The Book Rides Online and white label passenger app includes a really handy feature that allows customers to locate their approximate address. This works well if your customers are unsure of where they are, but still need to be picked up. This feature is very simple to use. Whenever the customer is asked to input […]

Passenger App – Track Your Driver

Our new passenger app has the ability to allow your customers to track their drivers while they’re on the way to pick up the customer. This also includes uploading a picture of your driver, should you choose, so customers know who to look for upon the driver’s arrival. Here’s a little more detail about how […]

Passenger App Settings

The Passenger Booking App works much like your website form but in an app format. This is also true of your Passenger App settings. In order to adjust your settings regarding pricing, automatic BRO accounts, CC payment options and minimum advanced notice of a booking, the app will rely on the settings you have set […]

Downloading the Passenger Booking App

The Book Rides Online Passenger Booking App can be found in both the iTunes and GooglePlay store for free. To find and download the app, open the appropriate app store for your device, search Book Rides Passenger and our free app will appear. You can also use one of the following links below to direct […]

Solutions for a 505 Error Code

Are you receiving a 505 error code when trying to download the driver app? This is an Android device issue which limits what we can do to assist you. However, here are some solutions you can give a try that have been a success to other clients experiencing this problem. 1. Check your data, time […]

Fleet Tracking

Book Rides Online offers free live GPS Fleet Tracking with all three of our package options. Here’s what you need to know about Fleet Tracking and how to get started. First, you will need all of your drivers to download our new driver app. This app can be found and downloaded for free in both […]


As a transportation company, sometimes you may have corporate clients who require invoices. Book Rides Online has a great Invoicing feature that allows you to send an invoice or multiple invoices together. This can be very helpful to use for corporate clients. For example, if you drive an employee for a business often and they […]

Driver Time Reports

Book Rides Online can provide you with a driver time report. The data in this report is based solely off of the run logs that drivers digitally time stamp when they are using the driver app or going through a run on their mobile device. These reports can be useful when doing paperwork to stay […]