Driver Time Reports

Book Rides Online makes it easy for your drivers to log their times for each of their runs with just the click of a button from their phone. This helps you keep track of how many miles they’ve logged and how much time the run itself took. It also provides a lot of convenient ways to let dispatch know at what point in the run the driver is at and allows the driver to send an automated text message to the client with an ETA.
Today we’ve added a new feature to help you generate reports for each driver to show how many miles and how much time they’ve logged for each run they’ve done within a certain time period. This can be especially useful for your records or for figuring out driver payroll.

The Report Tool

To access the reports go to the Drivers page and click on the “Driver Time Report” link in the top right-hand corner.
The report tool allows you to select the drivers you want to generate reports for and the pick the time range that you want to show the totals for. From here, we calculate the total amount of hours logged by each driver as well as how many miles were driven.

Fixing Mistakes in Reports

It is important to note that these reports are based solely on when each driver clicks each run log button and what the driver enters for mileage. Sometimes that can lead to the reports not being entirely accurate due to user error when inputting their data.

But don’t worry, we’ve also made a quick and easy way for you to fix any mistakes you may find. Simply click on the gear next to the run entry that appears to be incorrect. Once you’ve done so, a dialog window will popup and allow you to change or add any information in the logs. When you hit save, the report updates all by itself!

As with everything we build, we strive for excellence in solving our client’s needs in the most efficient way possible. Please let us know how this feature works for you with your feedback. Enjoy!