Driver App

Today we are so pleased to announce that we have completed development on our driverapp! The app will appear on both the iOS App Store and the Android Google Play store and can be downloaded for free. It’s been a long road to get here and we truly appreciate every one of you who have waited patiently for this feature.

Here are a couple of notable features in the app that we are sure you and your drivers will love:

– Push Notifications. When you dispatch a reservation to your driver, they will receive an instant push notification letting them know that you have assigned them to a job. From there they can simply click and instantly view the details of the reservation, accept or decline it, and complete all their usual run log steps. We also send push notifications for cancellation notices and reminders.

– GPS Fleet Tracking. You and your dispatchers can now track your drivers wherever they are while they use the app. You can view these locations from the new “Track” page in your portal.

– Integrated Turn-by-Turn. Many of you use and love excellent turn-by-turn apps like Google and Apple Maps. The app now launches turn-by-turn directions from the driver‘s current location to the pickup location and from the pickup location to the dropoff location. Your drivers will never have to input any addresses to figure out where they’re going.

-Native SMS. Your drivers‘ phones can now be used to send prepared text messages to the client notifying them of their ETA and when they have arrived. Because of this, our international clients now have this SMS option available to them as well!

We’re sure you’ll love all these features and many more but the best part of having this app is that we will steadily start adding more management features for dispatchers and admins to give all of your team even greater accessibility to our platform.



Driver App

Download the new driver app today! It’s completely free.

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