The Wait is Over!

Today we’re excited to announce a brand new feature for Book Rides Online that will help you instantly quote prices to your clients from your website. Pricing Tables is a complex feature that required a lot of thought and planning because every transportation company has many different ways of figuring out how to price a transportation request. The entire feature was built to give you complete control over the form that appears on your site and to issue direct pricing based on a set of rules (if you so choose).

There are three different types of pricing that we built into this feature: Flat Rate, which requires a price per service area; Hourly pricing which allows up to 24 hrs of varied hourly pricing and also allows you to set a minimum number of hours per vehicle; and Distance Pricing which allows you to set a price per mile and automatically calculates the distance between pickup and dropoff and applies your price per mile to that figure.

If you’re not interested in direct price quoting, the form reverts to send you the information and requiring you to issue a quote manually. We would love to show you more on how our pricing tables work, so give us a try! After all it’s free for 30 days!