Book Rides Online can provide you with a driver time report. The data in this report is based solely off of the run logs that drivers digitally time stamp when they are using the driver app or going through a run on their mobile device. These reports can be useful when doing paperwork to stay DOT compliant.

To access this report, first go to the “Employees” page. Choose the sub-category marked “Driver Time Report”. The box on the top left provides you with the driver list. You can check the box(es) of the driver(s) you want to view. Change the dates at the top of the page to either narrow or widen your search. You can print this report by pressing the print button in the top right corner.


Each reservation that a driver was assigned will be listed under their name. The columns list reservation numbers, the date of the reservation, the start and end times that drivers logged in the system, the total driving hours based on the start and end times logged, the vehicle and the mileage of that reservation.

Run logs can be viewed and edited by clicking the red edit wheel located to the left of each reservation. You can also open up each reservation to see more information by clicking the blue reservation numbers.

Have more questions about digital run logs? See our tutorial on Digital Run Logs.