Website Form

Peak Increases & Black Out Dates/Times

Book Rides Online now offers the ability to increase your pricing by percentage during certain times, days, or dates depending on when you need to charge more. You can also increase the price for one, some or all of your vehicle types you have listed on your website form. Within this same feature, you can […]

Client Portal Layout

Once a client has an “active” BRO account, they can log into their account via the website form on your website at any time to book future trips, see upcoming reservations, add/update payment information and many other features. Here’s a quick overview of the client portal and where clients can find each feature. Logging In: […]

Editing Service Type Settings & Pricing

You may have noticed a large section within the website form pricing where there are many additional charges and settings that can be set. This tutorial will walk you through each setting and show you where/how you can edit these and how they will work in conjunction with your website form. An important aspect to […]

Trouble Shooting Your Website Form

There is a lot of time and effort put into setting up your website form and we realize it can be frustrating when your form isn’t working just right. We’ve gathered some of the easiest trouble shooting methods that come up often to help ensure you get your form set up and fast! Here’s some […]

Step 7: Integrating the Website Form into your Website

Once you have completely set up your website form, it’s now time to integrate it into your website. To start, first stay on the “Website Form” page and then click the last link on the right labeled “Integration Code”. First, notice there are two separate pieces of code and one field. If you have multiple […]

Step 6: Website Form Settings

If you’ve completed Steps 1-5, you are ready to take a few moments to set up your website form settings. You can reach these settings by choosing the tab under the Website Form page marked “Form Settings”. There are three options that need to be set. The first option allows you to choose how many […]

Step 5: Pricing

Once you have completed Steps 1-4, you can now go to your pricing table and start to price your transportation services. Prices will need to be input for specific quotes to be given to your customers. To start, go back to that first tab under the Website Form page marked “Pricing”. You will see that […]

Step 4: Adding Service Areas & Zones

If you have successfully completed Step 3: Adding Airports, you can now move to the next tab marked “Service Areas”. Here, you add all of the cities and/or postal codes that you provide service to. Zones can also be created if they are needed for zone to zone pricing. Please note: Exact quotes can only be […]

Step 3: Adding Airports

After you’ve successfully completed Step 2: Adding Service Types, move to the next tab over labeled “Airports”. In this step you will add all of the airports that you provide transportation to and from. Adding airports here will drastically simplify the process for clients trying to book reservations to and from airports. Use the search bar […]

Step 2: Adding Service Types

Once you’ve successfully completed Step 1: Adding Vehicle Types, click the next tab to the right marked “Service Types”. On this page you can add all the different service types that your company provides. Use the red plus button located in the top right corner of the page to add a new service type. A […]