Peak Increases & Black Out Dates/Times

Book Rides Online now offers the ability to increase your pricing by percentage during certain times, days, or dates depending on when you need to charge more. You can also increase the price for one, some or all of your vehicle types you have listed on your website form. Within this same feature, you can […]

Driver App: Reservation Break Down

One of the major features of the driver app is the ability to digitally run through reservations at the time of service. This allows drivers to digitally create run records, making record keeping and paperwork for DOT much easier for you as a company. This tutorial serves the purpose of breaking down each step of […]

Driver App Layout

This tutorial will provide you with images and descriptions of the driver app’s general layout. This can be used to help train drivers how to download and use their driver app. First, you will need all of your drivers to download our new driver app. This app can be found and downloaded for free in […]

Stripe API Upgrade

In order to make your Stripe account more secure and to meet the latest compliance regulations, we need an additional piece of information from your Stripe account. To locate your Publishable key, log in to your Stripe account, select API from the left menu. In the standard API keys table locate the Token next to the […]

Corporate Client Portal Layout

The Corporate Client Portal layout is the same as the individual layout, plus a few extra features. To familiarize yourself with the basic of the portal, please first read the Client Portal Layout. This article is written specifically to point out the extra features found within the Corporate Client portal. After logging in, the profile page […]

Corporate Client Account Features

Want to know the difference between an individual client account and a corporate account? Here we’ve laid out for you the basic differences and explain what extra features are included in the corporate client accounts. When creating/editing a Corporate Client account, you’ll see a few extra fields and settings that don’t exist within an individual […]

Creating Corporate Client Accounts

Not only does Book Rides Online offer client accounts that enable clients to maintain their profile details, payment information and past/upcoming trips, but we also offer a great Corporate Client feature that allows your business clients to easily maintain trips for multiple employees quickly and efficiently. Below we will map out a few of the important […]

Passenger App Layout

We want to provide you with information regarding the passenger app and how it works so that when your customers have questions about the app, you’re armed with the knowledge to walk them through their concerns. Here is a quick look into how the passenger app looks and functions. After downloading the passenger app, customers […]

Refunding Clients

if you have a merchant account attached to your account, you can collect from your customers directly through the Book Rides Online system. This can be done through each reservation. All transactions made through your Book Rides Online account will appear on the Revenue > Card Transactions page. If you need to refund a client […]

Promo Codes

Using our simple promo code tool, you can create promotion codes for your customers to use on both the website form and passenger app that will automatically adjust the price before they submit a request. To set up these promo codes, go to the Website Form > Promo Codes page. You’ll be able to see […]